Monday, December 12, 2011

Photography Myths Debunked Part Two

Photography Myth Three: There is a Definitive Exposure for Every Scene

When taking a photo, nothing is absolute. There are options and decisions that can change the look and perspective of a picture depending on your intentions. For example, you can chose to make the subject appear to stand still, while the background shows blurry motion. This can be done by using a slow shutter speed combined with a low aperture setting. If you pan your camera along with the subject, you will get an action shot with a steady subject and a background that shows movement and life.

Photography Myth Four: What You See in Real Life is What You Get in Pictures

The plain and simple fact is that this is not true. The ability to see a broad range of light and color is something the human eye can do with ease, but may not be translatable to your camera. Your camera may capture the image that you intended, but the actual color of your subject can vary greatly. A bouquet of bright red flowers can appear dull and dark when photographed under fluorescent lighting. This is because fluorescent lights have a green tint to them and thus change the appearance of the subject in the picture though the colors may appear quite differently in real life.

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