Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Preparing For Your Orange County Photography Session

As an Orange County photographer I get asked a lot of questions. Among the most frequently asked questions however one stands out above all others. "Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my photo session"? In truth there many things you can do to prepare for a photo session but there are also a number of things you don't want to do, things that can result in photographs that you're disappointed with.
The following is a list of do's and dont's when preparing for an Orange County photography session.
  • Hair - It's best to avoid experimenting with new hairstyles prior to your photography session. Even if the idea you have is a good one changes don't always turn out as expected and you don't want to be stuck with that hairstyle during your session. In contrast utilizing hair spray on a familiar hairstyle can help control loose, stray, and frizzy hair which when left unattended can ruin any photograph. Try to give your hair the same attention you would if you were going for a job interview.

  • Tans - Many people feel as though a few days in the sun just prior to their photography session with me will help them look better in photographs. In reality however redness from the sun shows up in all photographs so it's wise to stay out of the sun in the days leading up to a photo session. If you have recently been sunburned and are pealing you'll want to keep in mind that correcting that in post production is extremely difficult. Those who spend time in the sun prior to a photography session need to be conscious of what type of tops they wear. Although a healthy tan looks great in a photograph, shirts with straps leave marks and show up in sharp contrast in photographs. Additionally tan lines can be corrected but that process can be time-consuming and costly.

  • Skin - A lot of individuals worry about small skin blemishes like a pimple, scar or recent abrasion but none of these are reason enough to cancel an appointment as these types of things are fairly easy to retouch. Women concerned with skin blemishes should consider using concealer and powder together as that combination works wonders when it comes to covering blemishes. For those individuals with oily complexion the use of powder should be under heavy consideration as it makes photographs turn out much better.

  • Glasses - Individuals who wear glasses should keep in mind that glare reflecting off the glasses can ruin even the greatest of photographs and in some cases can result in a distorted eye shape. Whenever possible individuals who wear eyeglasses should consider wearing an empty pair of frames to be photographed in. This will allow them to look like themselves but avoid the consequences of wearing eyeglasses in a photography session.

  • Braces - People whom have concerns about their braces showing in a photograph needn't worry as they can actually be removed using modern technology. This technology allows people with braces whom might otherwise be afraid to smile, smile proudly without any worry.

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