Friday, October 29, 2010

Capturing Motion In Orange County Photography

An Orange County photographer will likely be asked to photograph many different things over the course of their career. Everything from family portraits to graduation pictures and even a new baby are all standard photographs for just about any photographer. While many Orange County photographers are adept at capturing still images only the most experienced are able to capture pictures that convey motion efficiently. Things like sports photographs and even wedding photographs often require an Orange County photographer to utilize skills that they don't use when taking still images for their clients.

Examples Of Motion Capture:
  • Sports photographs
  • Nature photographs
  • Scenic landscapes
  • Dancing photographs
  • Outdoor photographs
Orange County photographers can use two different techniques to capture motion. Freezing obvious motion and motion blur when applied properly can create beautiful and masterful photographs. Of course hiring the right Orange County photographer is the only way to ensure those techniques are applied properly and sometimes at all!


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