Monday, December 12, 2011

Photography Myths Debunked Part One

Photography Myth One: You Need An Expensive SLR Camera to Take Great Pictures

Digital SLR cameras are well known for two things: Being expensive and having way more features than the average novice photographer is accustomed to. Although these added features can certainly help you to get a great shot, the real recipe for a great photo lies in your creative decisions. Using your imagination and thinking creatively will allow you to show your own perspective and take a photo that truly reflects you and your eye, expensive camera or not.

Photography Myth Two: Taking Pictures of Beautiful Things is Necessary for Beautiful Photos

There is beauty to be found in everything. Sure, it is easy to look at a beautiful sunset or a gorgeous spring bloom and snap a picture of it, but some of my favorite awe-inspiring photos have been of objects that one would not classically describe as beautiful. The badge of a good photographer is someone who can take something ordinary and through a creative eye, turn it into something extraordinary to see.

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