Monday, June 07, 2010

Orange County Wedding Photography: Breaking The Tradition

When one searches for or views wedding photography there are certain common aspects and traits to the photographs regardless of which Orange County photographer has snapped the pictures. Those brides and grooms who want to take wedding photography to the next level are often left with little to no options as most Orange County wedding photographers provide just your standard run-of-the-mill wedding photography services. There are a few photographers however who not only offer "alternative" wedding photography services but also have vast experience in taking wedding photography to a level that few others do or are capable of. This unique approach to photography is known as "Trash the Dress".  After the wedding is said and done the bride and groom take photos is the most off the wall places.

Take Your Photography Session to the Next Level:
  • Bride and groom diving into a pool, the ocean, or some other body of water while still in their wedding garb.
  • Photos taken on the beach in wedding garments except your in the water or rolling around in the sand
  • Strolling through the city or abandoned building
  • Rooftop of old building
These are options that are unique and not what you would usually see in a wedding album. If you are looking for unconventional photography session after the wedding Treasured Moments Photography can help!

Carol Bridges

Orange County Photographer

32002 Lomita Dr.

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