Saturday, December 18, 2010

Orange County Photography Testimonial

It has taken many years of hard work to hone my skills as an Orange County photographer and when one of my clients occasionally takes the time to remind me of just how pleased they were with not only the service they received but the pictures as well. Recently I had the pleasure of working with Kris McBeath and administrative assistant at Argosy University in Southern California. She was so thrilled with the service I provided her with she sent me the following testimonial.

I highly recommend your professionalism and your availability when I needed to schedule the appointment. You were extremely flexible and easily accommodating to all my needs. When the appointment arrived, you not only showed up right on time; but also, immediately look around and had some wonderful creative ideas for the photos. These ideas turned out to be so good, that we used YOUR ideas instead of my own. Your photos arrived so fast and looked so good – almost like you’d spent days on each and every single one of them!

The ABSOLUTE best part of your photography company, hasn’t even been mentioned. Your prices were extremely competitive. That is something that first caught my attention, but upon receipt of your actual work, with such skill and efficiency, I realized I REALLY got a great deal.

Will recommend to all my family, friends, coworkers, and of course, you will hear from me again. Thank you so much Carol.

Kris McBeath

I cannot thank Kris enough for affording me the opportunity to work with her and for the kind words that she sent over. Testimonials like the one Kris has sent make all of my hard work worthwhile and help to remind me that the Orange County photography services I provide help people capture cherished memories and important events to print.

Carol Bridges

Orange County Photographer

32002 Lomita Dr.

Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679



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