Friday, November 26, 2010

Orange County Boudoir Photography

There are a number of reasons a woman might seek to have boudoir photography done though regardless of why she wants it done she will need an experienced Orange County photographer working with her if she's after high quality images. Boudoir photography has always been popular because women can have these pictures taken, pictures that are intimate and sensual, and they can be given as gifts or even serve as a reminder of a special time in their life.

Not all Orange County photographers offer boudoir photography nor are they adept enough to deliver fantastic images to their clients. For this reason alone it is important for women to seek out an Orange County photographer that has great experience in boudoir photography. Those with experience in this kind of photography will have the knowledge not only to deliver excellent photographs but photographs that can be much more than just imagery. When a woman finds an Orange County photographer that she's interested in she should be sure that the photographer does the following things.
  • Keep It Modest - An experienced Orange County photographer knows that when it comes to boudoir photography less is often more. Poses should be kept modest and the photographer should try his/her best to avoid poses with the woman sprawled out or with her legs open. When it comes to boudoir photography a head tilted or a shoulder backwards or forwards can create a very intimate look without having to be blatant. Experienced Orange County photographer will have one goal which is to create a creative portrait without becoming garish or crude.

  • Lighting - An Orange County photographer who's skilled in taking boudoir photographs will use only soft lighting for your photo shoot. Of course clear colors are always desirable but the lighting used should never create harsh shadows. The soft lighting will add a touch of intimacy to the photographs taken and soft boxes and diffusers should be something that the photographer you're interested in uses during your photo shoot.

  • Clothing - When it comes to boudoir photography the Orange County photographer you've decided to work with him must know that the more left up to the imagination the better. Human brains love puzzles and modest négligée's partially covered with robes can catch the attention of the mind much longer than blatant nudity will.

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