Sunday, August 29, 2010

Preparing For A Wedding Shoot: Pre-visualization, Preparation, And Execution

There is a lot of consideration as well as preparation that goes into planning an Orange County wedding photography session. A professional photographer will not only have to spend considerable time interviewing the bride and groom to be but will need to spend an equal amount of time taking the information they received during that interview and using it to formulate a plan of action for the wedding day. The most skilled and efficient Orange County wedding photographers will spend the weeks and months prior to and event determining exactly whom to photograph, when to do it, and determine the best locations for shots.  They will then implement these plans which deal with both the planned and unplanned occurrences at a wedding.

The Best Orange County Wedding Photographers Will:
  • Use their intuition and imagination to help capture the unexpected and candid at a wedding.
  • Have several different plans in place for your wedding. This will ensure they miss nothing and are prepared for the unexpected.
  • Pre-visualize on the fly during a wedding enabling him/her to make adjustments quickly as needed. They will be thinking of where and how to take the next picture while in the process of taking one.
  • Take a less structured and more open approach to wedding photography by simply following guest, the wedding party, and family around during the event to capture moments not possible through conventional photography.
Regardless of what type of wedding photography you'd like to employ in your wedding you can be certain that any photographer that employs these styles and is thorough in the pre-visualizing of your event will produce only the highest quality wedding photographs, photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime. Should you have any questions about Orange County wedding photography or would like to book your wedding please contact Carol Bridges!

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