Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Choosing A Great Photographer

Orange County photographers are a dime a dozen these days and each and everyone one of them attempts to outdo their competitors by offering specials on photo packages, pricing, and location shoots. This can make choosing a photographer somewhat difficult when the time comes for family portraits, senior photographs, child photography and even pet photography. The old saying "you get what you pay for" definitely applies to the world of photography though it's not always cost that determines what type of images you ultimately end up with. There are a number of things you as the consumer can do to identify great photographers and to determine if a particular photographer is right for you. Remembering these things when looking for a suitable photographer will help you find the right one.

Packages Available - The first thing people might take notice of is just how expensive or inexpensive a particular photographers packages are. While price plays a part in determining whether or not you hire a photographer there's more to focus on here than the actual pricing. When you're reviewing photo packages it's important to find out whether or not a photographer is willing to be flexible with their packages. Most successful Orange County photographers allow their clients to add to as well as omit portions of their packages so that they not only get exactly what they want but can afford what they're getting as well. Hiring a photographer who doesn't allow customization of their packages often means you'll miss out on an opportunity to get the pictures you want.

Portfolio - Asking for samples of a photographers work should be a no brainer but believe it or not there are those out there that hire people without ever having sampled their work. A photographers portfolio tell you everything you to need to know about their style, experience, and overall ability. Looking through their portfolio might also yield pictures that you like in terms of location, lighting, etc. You can then express interest in that particular type of image and ask that the photographer replicate that style for your images.

Options - There are many photographers who do nothing more than snap simple images be there family portraits or photographs of individuals. Even if a photographer happens to be exceptionally talented at what he/she does, with very limited or no options available you'll wind up with that photographers vision of your photographs. This is why it's important to ask every photographer what options they offer. Be sure and find out if a photographer offers different background options, filter options, and even location shoots. Simple questions like these can ensure that you get the photographer and images you want.

If you ask every photographer you interview with these questions chances are you're going to find one that fits your photography as well as your budgetary needs. You'll also find that you'll be much more satisfied with the quality of your photographs in the end which is important because photographs are usually considered family keepsakes by those that have them taken. Taking your time and doing thorough research on photographers will give you the photographer you've been looking for.

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