Saturday, November 22, 2008

Orange County Children Photography Services

Those with children know just how fast they grow up and how quickly time seems to pass while they are living in the home. It is often said that childhood is no more than a fleeting moment in time that comes and goes in the blink of an eye. Most parents would not argue with that sentiment and because the time in parents lives where their children are still children is so short family portraits have always been a mainstay in both families and in the photography business.

There are many different occasions and/or times where a family may choose to have pictures taken. Some families make the family portrait an annual event and put on their best for the shoot. Other families enjoy having family pictures taken during the holiday season and then sending them out to distant family and friends on holiday cards. Whatever the occasion, all families will agree that it's important to find a photographer that not only knows how to take pictures but one that knows how to capture mood, essence, and emotion. Photographs containing these elements become precious keepsakes as time passes and are invaluable to those that own them.

At Treasured Moments Photography our goal is to capture all of these things and provide you with only the best in the business. As an Orange County photographer we work extensively with families and whether your family consists of only you and your spouse or a large number of children and extended family members we have the experience needed to provide your family with visual memories that will last a life time.

Though we are based in Orange County we also function as a destination photographer and will be happy to photograph you and your family in virtually any location. Some families enjoy the beach ask to have photographs taken in that setting. Others have had family portraits done in open fields while others still have asked for more formal settings. Casual or formal and regardless of location, Treasured Moments Photography looks forward to taking pictures of your family.

If you're planning on having family portraits done in the near future or you have questions about our services please contact us so that we can assist you!

Carol Bridges

Orange County Photographer

32002 Lomita Dr.

Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679



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